Being Dentist: Love It, Live It, Worth It!

Written by Dr.Varun Bajaj

They say dentistry is saturated and you won't find the scope even if you see through a microscope. The most common advice these days is ‘Don’t spoil future of your kids by getting them into BDS Course. I wonder why, so much of negativity all around? Is the scenario really very bad these days? Is the truth really very demoralizing? Answer is ‘NO’ A BIG “NO”, rather I would say that we need to change the perception towards our profession..

Let’s do a quick comparison of hourly income of an average Indian dentist with other professionals.

A well placed corporate guy with an experience of 3-5 years, works at least 8 hours daily under hell lot of stress & has an average hourly income of Rs. 500. A general physician has hourly income of around Rs. 2000; provided the consultation fee is Rs. 500 & he gets to see 4-5 patients every hour. 

Whereas when it comes to a dentist, the hourly income varies based on skills, Location of practice & with every treatment but it is far better. 

For example: 1. Rs. 1000/hr for scaling and polishing procedures.

2. Rs. 3000/hr for 3-4 composite restorations.

3. Rs. 8000/hr for a 3 Unit bridge.

4. Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000/hr for an implant case. 

In short sky is the limit!! When the hourly income is so high, where's the problem?

1. The "Comparison" Syndrome!

Especially the freshly graduated young dentists start comparing themselves with their Engineer/Corporate/Medical friends. For Eg: They see their engineer friends earning handsome salaries right after their graduation is over. These kinds of comparisons are completely irrelevant because there is a difference between running a dental practice and having a job. Though dentistry is a 'Nobel Service’ to the society, at the end of the day it is a business. I always write in my blogs, Dentistry is like any other business and it will take at least 3-4 years to yield any sort of Profit. So, my dear friends who are new to private practice please note that “Patience” is the key. Let your circle of patients build and thereafter you will see the MAGIC!

2. The "Low-Charges" Syndrome!

Some of us get ready for the treatment at the cost that patient asks. Ladies and Gentlemen, while charging for services, don’t just count the material costs. Think like a businessman. Your investments in terms of your education, continuing education (CDE’s, Workshops, further courses), your investment in clinic and every year depreciation of your clinical set up, hefty electricity bills, salaries of dental auxiliaries, your daily commuting expenses, EMI's etc.

And please don’t give an excuse that a your fellow Neighbour Dentist colleague is charging half of what you both should charge. It's not that your neighbour is a culprit always; stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself a simple question whether you also are doing the same just 
to kill the competition? If the Answer is yes, then you too are becoming a partner in crime, a crime that is killing our profession. We dentist’s are also part of society. We too have right to progress and have a good quality life. Don’t we???

3.The "Compromise" Syndrome!

Lastly and most important, Never Compromise in Quality of work. There is a subtle line between Dentistry and Quackery. The day you cross this line, you will be ruined. Try to learn new things daily and improve your skills. Even a dentist sitting in the remotest corner of India now can learn. Thanks to the Internet Revolution.

Also never compromise on the dental materials you use. ‘SAY NO TO CHINESE’. Be an Indian First, the chinese material is n
ot only ruining our country’s economy but also our practice. The patient will never come back to you if a restoration done with cheap chinese dental material comes out & you will lose that patient forever.

I hope by this blog I am able to pump some Adrenaline in your veins. Let us Unite and work towards Uplifting our Profession. Beyond any doubt we are the Best. Let’s prove this to the World.




Dr.Varun Bajaj


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