Myths & Facts About Doctors

Written by The Anonymous Dentist

Myth 1: "Only medical profession is a noble profession"

Fact: Every profession, whether of a teacher, soldier, tailor or shopkeeper, is noble, if done with sincerity and integrity. A careless doctor can kill one, a careless  driver can kill dozens, a careless engineer can kill hundreds..

Myth 2: "As it is a service to humanity, doctors should not run after money."

Fact: Money is an important measure of success. Running after it is not good for anybody, but earning more money by doing more work is not a moral crime. And all who advising doctors, themselves running after money, aren't they?

Myth 3: "Most of the time, doctors do not understand the disease and write unnecessary and costly drugs and advise tests and treat on a trial basis."

Fact: First of all, the doctor patient relationship is based on trust, if you do not trust your doctor, go to another one. Medical science is a lifelong learning process, and all treatment, to some extent is based on trial and error. The same medicine, which works for one patient may not work on another. 

Second, the responsibility of providing quality drugs at affordable prices lies not with the doctor, but with the state authorities, just like providing for better roads, unadulterated quality food and dairy products, uninterrupted power and water supply etc and etc. Like cloths, cars and mobile phones, costly drugs are generally better than cheap ones. However, if the government makes it mandatory to write generics, it should ensure quality and the consequence of poor/non efficacy should not be blamed on doctors.

Third, tests are done for patient’s own safety. Just like wearing a helmet or seat belt, investigations increase the safety. Most of the doctors in india are trained to work on clinical hunch and common sense and not rely too much on tests, and advise much less tests than what is actually written in the book or done in the developed world.

Myth 4: "Treatment costs are increasing irrationally."

Fact: As compared to western world, treatment costs in India are still very low, and many foreigners are coming here for this reason. And it would be worthwhile to think about any other service or product with as rapid advancement in technology and equipment as medical science, whose cost is not increasing

Myth 5: "Doctors are next to God."

Fact: Doctors are as human as can be. They also get tired, fall sick, have family commitments, get upset and stressed sometimes and can suffer from all the frailties of a human being. If anyone wanted to be treated by God then they can visit the temple.


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