Being Dentist: 7 Reasons Why Dental Profession Is Losing Its Charm In India?

Written by Dr.Pranav Agale

2. Lack of Opportunities 

Job opportunities are relatively low for dental graduates. Practically speaking there are (no) very few government jobs and even in private jobs dentists doesn’t get paid well.  

Stipend LOL!!!!!!! 

The situation is getting even worse due to some educated quacksThere are many post graduate dentists are working as visiting consultant under quacks just for money. Not only this but qualified dental surgeons are also not on back foot in misleading patients by writing invalid abbreviations after their BDS degree. For example "BDS MIDA" where MIDA stands for “Member of Indian Dental Association” and is not any degree but used to brag about qualification. 

Here is the list of some more unacceptable abbreviations by dentists

F.I.C.D for Fellow of International College of Dentists

F.A.C.D for Fellow of American College of Dentists

F.A.G.E. Fellow of Accademy of General Education


5. Lack of Unity

Be the change you want to see" on

7. Under-Performing Authorities

The authorities are getting commercial. Someone please make them realize that they are here to create new opportunities & raise the standard of dentistry. They are not just to collect sponsorships from Tooth Paste Companies.

How can we uplift the status of Dental Profession?

I believe that it's not just the fault of authorities but somewhere you & I are directly or indirectly responsible for whatever dentistry is facing today. All of us want a better future but in reality nobody wants to take the responsibility. Let's stop this blame game because circumstances won't change until and unless we consider ourselves responsible and take initiative.

Let's play our role to uplift the status of dentistry...



About Author

Dr.Pranav Agale  Director of Viva LifeCare Pvt. Ltd. and is his brainchild. He is an MBA & holds experience in branding.


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Uday Tamhankar09 Feb 2016

I think due to low awareness people are not taking interest in dentistry as their profession. Thanks for writing on such a topic.

Reply to Uday

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Dr Akhil Padmanabhan29 Jul 2016

Every budding dentists in India should read this, Thanks for writing this informative post sir

Reply to Dr Akhil

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Nishant Kapoor09 Aug 2016

You have given good views on dentist. Yes we are responsible for what we do. But don't forget sharing knowledge will make you greater and you will not decline but yes this is also a fact that competition is huge in dentistry. So, the conclusion is that just concentrate on providing good dental services to satisfy the patients and nothing else will do good.

Reply to Nishant


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