DentXL - 2 Days In Depth Course On Practice Management & Soft Skill Enhancement

DentXL - 2 Days In Depth Course On Practice Management & Soft Skill Enhancement
01-07-2017 to 02-07-2017
9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm
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Dr Pranav Agale

DentXL is 2 days in-depth course on practice management & soft skill enhancement. We've already completed *47 successful batches with whooping 500 participants *till date who have immensely benefited by the course.

All throughout our career, we are taught about acquiring & improving on to our clinical skills. Even when we are into private practice, we attend seminars & conferences to sharpen these skills. However, nobody ever taught us how to convince patient faster with minimum efforts & maximum treatment cost in daily practice. This can be learned by improving our soft skills.

DentXL is that powerful course which will give you the competitive edge over others and help you to grow your practice faster.

Course Modules

Discover Yourself

Realize what exactly success means to you & how to go for it

Where Is The Competition?

Unbelievable ways that actually prove that there is no competition in the world

SWOT Analysis

Analyze your own Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Practice Management

Many in-depth ideas about presentation skills & management skills to grow your practice multi-fold

Conceptual Selling

Use this management theme to shoot up your dental practice

Power of Words

The importance & huge importance of communication skill in dental practice

Goal Setting

Realize, set and design the roadmap to achieve the goals of dentistry/life

Time Management

The much-needed secrets as nobody has time in this world!

Principles of Financial Management & Wealth Creation

Become your own ‘money manager’ proactively

Hard Work Vs Smart Work

The ‘real secret’ of increasing productivity & performance

Use of Technology In Dental Practice

Learn how to use it effectively for the benefit of your dental practice

Stress Management

Tips to improve & maintain the best of physical, mental & spiritual health and peace of mind

Possibility Thinking

Principle of ‘Think big’ and its relevance in our dental practice 

Register fast to make a definite change in your dental practice & take it to the new orbit.

Dr. Sujit Pardeshi is a very well known practicing dental surgeon and a wonderful soft skill trainer from Pachora in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. Born & brought up in a small town – Pachora, Sujit is the ideal example of what matters ultimately is not from where you come but where you reach. He has always stretched himself outside his comfort zone to explore new horizons, set new boundaries & challenge himself to do something better for the society and has always starved hard for his share of contribution to make this world a better place.

Course fees is Rs.15,000/- per participants which include professional notes, certificate & day time meals. Post-course guidance is also there.

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